Our Computer service of Laptop  and Desktop  for IBM compatible  PC and Mac  PC includes:

  • Hardware repair and Upgrade
  • Software trouble shooting in
    • System could not start
    • Slow Operation in System and Network
    • Virus  & Spyware  infection
    • System Corruption
  • Data Recovery, Data back up and transfer
  • Broadband Internet, Cabled and Wireless Network Setup and Installation
  • Server Network Installation and Maintenacne
  • Custom Built High Performance PC Systems

Based on our vast IT experience(We solves over 1000 tasks every year), we provide ongoing computer / IT support throughout the equipments' life cycle:

  • New computer / laptop and other IT equipment pre-purchasing advice.
  • Computer / laptop setup, transferring existing information to different systems or platforms.
    • Setup newly purchased computer / laptop
    • Applying system update and security patches
    • Installation of application programs(office programs, security software, Adobe Flash player and Java etc)
    • Transferring emails, documents, pictures, iTunes music and iPhone backups and other system settings
  • Integrating your computers, laptops, iPad, Android tablets and smartphones into your digital life
  • Computer maintenance advisory, data back up strategy and disaster recovery
  • End of life data cleaning, disposal and recycling.

By combining our knowledge in video, audio and computer equipments, we also provide service to preserve your memories:

  • Transfer of VHS, VHS-C, 8mm , Super 8 tape, Betamax footage to DVD  disc and transfer of LP  records to CDs.

Our Electronics service area covers

  • Plasma , LCD,  TV,  VHS video and Video Camera repair
  • Hi-fi, Home Theatre System repair
  • Microwave Oven repair
  • Onsite Digital TV and Home Entertainment System Setup

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